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In this section you will find references from participants and organizers of weddings, celebrations and events at which Chrpa performed.


Michaela Hromádková


Live music at the wedding performed by Chrpa was a wish come true. They learned new songs for us, played during the entrance and during the congratulations and were not afraid even of a light rain. They are very talented professionals who can cheer up and move with their music. Thanks for a great experience.

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Tereza Formánková


Great musicians with everything!  Professional and at the same time nice attitude, you can rely on them. This duo played live at our wedding and everyone was thrilled with the performance - they handled both the musical accompaniment when coming to the altar and the afternoon listening set with ease. Definitely recommend.


Dana Housková


They both learned our favorite songs to walk down the altar, which also touched the cousins. Afternoon jazz after the festive lunch made our wedding even more unique, thank you very much!

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Lucie Pálkova


The whole family enjoyed their performance. Playing jazz under the big tree is one of the images from the wedding that is etched in my memory forever.


Husband and wife Laviček

(groom and bride)

Very emotional, the whole family was touched. Thank you for highlighting our moment.


Milan Žák


I couldn't have imagined it better. They arrived on time and everything went smoothly. I would recommend further.


Ondřej Sláma


Great musicians to dance, sing and listen to. Everyone really liked the wedding play. I can definitely recommend Cornflower for a wedding or any celebration.

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Dominik Formánek


The performance went perfectly with a problem-free arrangement. They even learned the theme from the series MacGyver for my arrival at my request. Thanks!


Lukáš Holý

An ideal choice to accompany the start of the wedding, congratulations and the like. Live music suits it much better and Chrpa managed to capture the overall mood perfectly.

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Richard Palek


The pleasant mood created by these two cannot be described. Hassle-free agreement and personal approach. Without them, the wedding would not be so comfortable.


Ondřej Penc

When Linda and Mark arrived at the party, I didn't expect them to get the party going and liven up the atmosphere like that. Amazing young artists!

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