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Jazz concert



// Clarinet


Linda started playing the clarinet with classical music, but later discovered the magic of jazz songs, which she currently devotes herself to the most. She also likes folk music that you can really dance to. In her free time, she likes to paint and create, bake or teach music education in kindergartens.


// Guitar

Marek plays not only jazz standards on the guitar, but also flamenco rhythms and rock covers.

Besides playing the guitar, which is one of his favorite activities, Marek likes to learn new languages, play magic, surf and read.


// Jazz-World


Duo Chrpa was formed a few years ago, when Marek and Linda started playing together by the ocean in the Canary Islands, where they went surfing. Surfing and music are among their most popular hobbies, which unite them not only as a band, but also as a couple.


On their travels, they play and get to know the musical culture of other countries, from which they have already adopted many songs into their repertoire. Among their most popular musical destinations are Nordic countries such as Finland or Estonia.

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